The following article originally appeared on Forbes

Taraci Motivation Launches Mobile App To Incentivize Employees

There’s a wealth of evidence to support the common sense notion that if employees are engaged with their work, they’ll be more productive, happier, and work harder. One way that many companies engage with their employees is through corporate incentives. You’ve probably worked for a company that used them – getting prizes like shirts or other things as recognition for a job well done. Or motivations for wellness programs, sales incentives, or smoking cessation programs.

One problem that these types of incentive programs have, though, is that they’re often hard to both find and remember. You’ll find them buried somewhere in the company’s intranet – if you’re looking for it at all. There’s a flurry of interest when its first announced, but then people… forget. Out of sight, out of mind.

This is an issue that Taraci Motivation is trying to solve with a new, cross-platform app for mobile phones. Building on their success with a Facebook app that they launched last year, the company is convinced that the key to engaging and motivating employees is by ensuring that they can access this type of program easily.

That’s especially true, CEO Tom Taraci told me, when it comes to the younger generation.

“It’s a challenge to motivate this generation,” he told me. “They’re very different from Generation X, baby boomers, etc. They have different  behaviors and incentives. For example, they’re more interested in flexibility and downtime. And texting is their preferred mode of communication, not the phone or snail mail.”

While that’s not exactly new information, it is relevant to getting them engage – especially in the large companies that Taraci counts among its clients.

“Not unlike other things,” Tom Taraci continued. “Our research showed that the incentive industry was lagging behind. Large companies are very conservative when it comes to tech – they’re often the last adopters. We found that almost nobody had mobile components to their incentive programs. They often had no social media component, either.”

The major benefit of their new mobile app, according to Taraci, is that it provides a unified platform for company programs. It’s available for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Blackberries, and allows employees instant feedback on the status of their incentives. Something that, in particular, employees taking advantage of sales incentives would no doubt appreciate. What’s more, although the addition of the mobile app is being marketed as a way to help engage Millennial employees, the company notes in an announcing the program that most older generations are gravitating towards mobile as well.

“This is the way that companies are going to reach their employees,” said Taraci.