Great news! Nick Hughes from the Business Insider and So Entrepreneurial just posted a tremendous feature story on Taraci Motivation’s Facebook Incentive Marketing App. Here’s the beginning of the piece-and simply click on the link to read the rest of the post.

I think we we can all admit: corporate life can, at times, be difficult. That might be the main reason a large number of employees tend to meander over to social sites such as Facebook or Twitter to see what is going on outside the firewall.

But are social technologies really a distraction? Or can they be used to actually enhance the morale and engagement of the workforce?

The Taraci Social MediaMgr™, is an incentive marketing application that allows organizations to host and run employee incentive marketing programs entirely through Facebook. It allows an organization to integrate the social and communications tools of Facebook into traditional incentive marketing programs. Their vision is to transform how organizations run incentive programs by helping them fully integrate the power of social media.

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