Incentive programs are all about engagement.
Need more evidence of the power of Facebook and why incentive programs are a perfect match for the social network.
A recent USA Today report, Facebook’s “numbers are dazzling.” The social network has roughly 500 million users — 250 million of whom are on the site every day. The average user has 130 friends. Each month, people spend a total 700 billion minutes on Facebook.”
“It’s social networks like Facebook that are the center of people’s lives,” Fouts says. “It’s where their friends are. It’s where they play games. And it’s increasingly becoming where they shop.”
Facebook executives say it’s critical to make Facebook stores friendlier than websites. “Retailers who provide deeply social shopping experiences will see the most success,” says David Fisch, director of commerce partnerships.
Incentives are next!
Similar to retail, incentive programs were made available to participants through standalone web sites.   Moving forward, these same