Organizations are seeking ways to increase the number of fans to their corporate Facebook pages.
Improving their corporate Facebook pages in an effort to make it a place employees check-out while they’re on Facebook.   One way organizations can attract their employees to their corporate Facebook pages is by hosting their incentive marketing programs on Facebook.
Thanks to our recently released application – The Taraci Social Media Mgr™, HR executives and Sales & Marketing professionals can now run their entire incentive program on Facebook.
Many organizations understand the communications power of Facebook and are attempting to figure out a way to attract employees to official corporate Facebook pages.
Problem: Corporations complain that employees spend too much company time on Facebook. Simply put, this is not going to go away. Corporations need to bring the company to Facebook.
Solution: Taraci Motivation helps do this with the Taraci Social MediaMgr.

  1. Corporations can now run their incentive marketing programs, including sales, length of service, etc. entirely through Facebook!
  2. With Taraci Social MediaMgr, corporations can also share real-time program updates, from adding rewards to celebrating winners, along with engaging in a daily two-way dialogue with participants.
  3. Employees will continue browsing Facebook. Why not motivate them, improve a corporation’s presence in social media and build a community, while they do?

The social component of the program greatly enhances the sense of community and therefore builds employee or consumer engagement, the fundamental purpose of any incentive/recognition program.
Running an incentive program on facebook will greatly increase followers among your target audience.
Empowers constituents by encouraging them to participate in the corporate page.