One of the most convenient features of mobile app technology for incentive programs is being able to access and interact with those programs instantly. Such streamlined processes will improve your company’s overall engagement with everyone from salespeople to managers and support staff.

With a mobile app, users can:

  • Check their apps to track their progress and input data wherever they go.
  • Cheer on their co-workers using a private messaging tool or posting a word of congratulations to a message board.
  • Browse through available rewards options.
  • Redeem their rewards through the app and check their rewards fulfillment status wherever, whenever.

Managers and HR administrators may:

  • Check results on the fly.
  • Reward incentives to their teams, anytime, anywhere.
  • Recognize employees’ achievements in a manner that is immediate and effective.

Adding mobile technology to your core incentive program would allow your company to:

  • Have an even greater reach and influence over your workforce.
  • Improve the overall impact of an incentive program.
    Increase productivity, dedication, and retention of your employees.