In case you missed it, owner and CEO Tom Taraci was recently spotlighted in a feature in Incentive Magazine about the ways that current mobile technology can make a new or existing corporate incentive program more effective:
What’s the biggest opportunity to increase engagement among your workforce? The answer is mobile. This year, we will finally begin to see a number of corporations launch mobile incentive programs to take advantage of the advancements and wide spread adoption of mobile technology. Here are my 10 ways mobile improves engagement with incentive programs:

1. It’s Now the Easiest Way to Reach Your Employees
By the end of 2017, according to a recent Cisco report, there will be more than 10 billion mobile-connected devices in circulation. For an incentive program to engage employees most effectively, corporations will have to adapt to mobile technology, which is quickly becoming society’s most prevalent—and preferred—means of communication.

2. Mobile is Best Way to Engage Millennials
Millennials, those under 30 and also known as Generation Y, are the most tech-savvy group to enter the workforce. Their preferred method of communication is via smartphone, and their preferred language is “textspeak.” To effectively engage this generation, it’s critical incentive programs are made available on mobile devices.

3. Mobile Also Effectively Reaches Gen Xers and Baby Boomers
Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, who encompass everyone from their 30s to their 60s, make up the majority of the workforce today. And they, too, are quickly adapting to mobile technology. To prevent your employees from growing out of sync with incentive programs, it will be essential to incorporate a mobile component that engages them to the fullest extent possible.

4. Mobile Boosts Participation in Sales Incentive Programs
We all know that a motivated sales force is instrumental to maintaining the momentum and growth of a business. Incorporating mobile technology into sales incentive programs will boost the potential impact of those programs. With mobile incentive programs, sales professionals will have the ability to immediately record sales, check results and receive alerts on the fly.

5. It Improves Awareness of Milestone Programs
Milestone programs are designed to celebrate employees’ length of service, from three-month milestones to 25-year anniversaries and beyond. Incorporating mobile technology into milestone incentive programs will make those programs more interactive. Features such as countdowns to milestone celebrations will improve existing programs and allow co-workers and managers to congratulate each other in real time.

6. It Supports Important Onboarding Programs
Onboarding programs help employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to become effective members of the organization. Keeping employees engaged through their first 90 days is crucial to their success at the company. Incorporating mobile technology for onboarding programs establishes a corporate culture of streamlined communications that shows new hires that their presence is appreciated.

7. It Improves Participation in Health and Wellness Programs
Incentive programs for health and wellness are designed to encourage employees to maintain healthy lifestyles, thereby reducing healthcare costs. By incorporating mobile technology into health and wellness programs, wellness administrators may instantaneously add rewards points in real time to further incentivize employees to keep up with their health and wellness goals.

8. It Promotes Critical Safety Programs and Reduces Absenteeism
Safety rewards programs drive employee performance, reinforce safety training and reduce absenteeism. Incorporating mobile technology into safety rewards programs would enhance communications geared toward reducing accidents in the workplace and improve the likelihood of meeting safety goals.

9. It Increases Effectiveness of Peer-to-Peer Rewards
The addition of mobile to incentive programs gives employees the ability to recognize the great work of fellow co-workers on an ongoing basis from wherever they are. By making these programs available on a mobile device, engagement in peer-to-peer programs will increase dramatically.

10. It Allows You to Add Points on the Go
With mobile, managers and administrators can add points on-the-go for employees in real time. Employees may then readily access those new points and the updated status of their rewards by pressing a single button on their smartphones, making participation in incentive programs immediately rewarding.

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