It’s no secret a successful incentive marketing program can improve performance by 25-44%, according to a recent study conducted by the International Society of Performance Improvement. Today, I’d like to share with you my five simple tips to creating a winning motivational program:
1) Select Your Program
Programs that reward performance based on meeting or exceeding goals achieve the most positive results.

2) Establish Value of the Program
Incentives increase performance by boosting the value people assign to work goals, which encourages them to make stronger commitments to achieving company objectives.

3) Training and Communication
A successful motivational program includes training and support and regular communication to make sure your work force is on track to reach their goals. A program hosted on Facebook is the best way to ensure continuous communication.

4) Support Your Program
Employees have to believe that the organization will support their performance goal and provide incentive rewards fairly. This requires careful attention to the way rewards are given, how the rewards are distinguished from compensation, and making sure the rewards are distributed in a timely and fair fashion.

5) Emotionally Engage Your Employees
The biggest performance gains come when people become emotionally engaged with the program. With careful consideration, incentive awards should have a positive impact on the company’s psyche and organizational spirit.

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