The following article originally appeared on the Business Insider.

While walking on the treadmill at the gym, a 25-year-old employee checks her iPhone to see how many points she has earned for losing weight as part of her company’s health incentive program.
A 22-year-old takes a coffee break and checks his smartphone to see how many months he has been with the company — and how close he is to earning a gift for his length of service.
On a business trip, a 27-year-old salesperson turns to his Android to check to see if he has reached his sales goal — and to pick out gifts he hopes to earn. Later, once he hits his goal, he orders his gift directly from his phone and gets a text message confirming his order.

Millennials Expect Mobile
We all know that Millennials (age 18-29) are a mobile generation. They use their mobile devices to communicate and connect, and also to consume content—specifically, to get information that’s relevant to them. Unlike previous generations, these 20-something employees prefer texting over other forms of communication and now expect to access everything from their favorite smartphone — including incentive programs.
In addition, they consider their mobiles an instrumental life tool and are more likely to use smartphones than desktop computers. It’s clear, if employers want to reach and motivate employees in their 20s, they have to go mobile.

Mobile Improves Engagement
Mobile incentive programs offer a huge opportunity to dramatically improve engagement — especially among Millennial employees.
Rather than browse through a bulky catalogue or log into a company web site, Millennial staffers are more likely to turn to their phone for information about an incentive program.
One of the most essential components of any successful incentive program is communication. Since today’s young employees don’t communicate by phone or e-mail, it’s best to communicate with them via mobile.  That would include updates to the program to celebrating award winners via text.
In short, mobile incentive programs offer a huge opportunity to dramatically improve engagement – especially among Millennial employees.
If your company doesn’t go mobile with your incentive program, you’ll miss out on reaching Millennials. Giving them what they want where they want it will also earn your company big points with your employees.

What About Older Employees?
Of course, since your incentive program will still be available in traditional online and print platforms, the older generations will still enjoy the same access they always did.  Plus, many are gravitating to mobile as well.  Adding a mobile platform will only increase the effectiveness of your program as well as inspire a new level of excitement. It’s a win-win opportunity.