Bosses might want to think twice about keeping their employees off Facebook during work hours. The new Social Media Mgr Facebook app from Taraci Motivation aims to bring the engagement and peer recognition of traditional incentive programs into the social media age.

Through their Facebook pages, employees can log into the Taraci merchandise catalog, where they can browse award categories like cameras, electronics, gift cards and travel. But unlike a standard catalog, the Social Media Mgr allows visitors to “like” items or leave their comments about them, perhaps mentioning that they want the product once they get enough points or that they already won it.

This information can be shared on the individual’s Facebook wall, where friends and family can see it and comment. The “likes” and comments on the catalog itself also allow employees to see what peers in the program are saying about the awards.

“It makes the experience of shopping an online catalog a social one,” says Tom Taraci, founder of Taraci Motivation. “If you’re sending a gift to someone or bragging to a coworker, there’s this added component that’s going to get the employees more interested than they might otherwise have been. The interplay between employee, manager, and administrator is now much more dynamic.”

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