Project Description

Dress Female Executives with Customized Shoes of Prey

Every one of your female executives will be pining for these hand-tailored shoes created for women, by women, in a stunning array of colors. These pair gorgeously with a chic suit or a group business outing.
You can select from 12 shapes, including irresistible stilettos, mid-heels, wedges, or more casual sandals and ballet flats, and pick colors, styling, and materials for almost every part of the shoe. Play with over 170 fabrics in sassy shades and textures, like red, mauve, midnight blue, or teal, paired with sophisticated Italian silk that has a pearlescent luster and smooth touch – their “crown jewel” fabric. Choose from a plethora of other textures including soft and patent leather, and suede, or be more daring with snakeskin, sparkle, or a lace overlay. Your female executives with have extra confidence in every step.


See Shoes of Prey featured on a recent episode of Good Morning America!